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About Us

Slim Pockets wallets were originally made as personal gifts in Santa Cruz, California. They were personalized with specific images for each person and designed to slip into a pocket anytime you just needed an ID, a credit card, and a few bills. You know, for those times when you want to leave the "Mothership" in the car and enjoy the freedom of less cargo on your person! For two years friends said, "These are great - you have to sell them!"  ...and so we are.    

The wallets are handmade in Santa Cruz, CA, of paper, foil, and a soft, biodegradable laminate, making them surprisingly durable, water resistant, and 100% recyclable. Each one is designed to be fun and to have an element that people can relate to. Functionally, they're one of the skinniest wallets out there! They are even chiropractor approved! Originally designed for women, we've had many requests for mens' wallets, so we're stepping it up and adding new designs all the time -- so check back often! We also do custom deisigns for special gifts, promotional merchandise, and original artwork. We offer wholesale pricing to retailers and discounts for large orders of 50 or more. Feel free to contact us at

Additionally, Slim Pockets are protected from unwanted RFID (radio frequency identification) scans. If you've heard the recent news about RFID scanning or, more recently called "electronic and/or digital pickpocketing," you know that this is a new form of identity theft. Your personal information is obtained when you least expect it by someone scanning the RFID chip in your driver's license (California licenses since 2008 and many other states), passport, or other credit cards, ID badges, etc., from a distance of up to 30 feet away -- while it is inside your pocket, purse, or luggage!  We've lined the card sleeves with aluminum, which deflects the scan and scrambles the data, rendering it unreadable, thereby protecting your information!


We hope you enjoy Slim Pockets wallets as much as we enjoy designing and making them.


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